Training and education - scorekeeping forms

Training and education ? scorekeeping forms

This site offers training and education materials to assist both new and veteran volleyball referees as they become more experienced in the art of officiating. is the place for the most current and reliable information related to USA Volleyball officiating, featuring recent rule and technique changes plus the latest rule interpretations.

Scorekeeping forms - Updated

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For questions on forms please contact Rod Rodriguez.

Ball Handling Guidelines

Rule Interpretation 08-09

Rule Interpretation 07-08

Corny Galdones is a National Official from the Chesapeake Region. We all have great respect for Corny and his knowledge of the game. Below are some articles written by Corny with some great information that could help make you better officials.

The case book will help you with situations that you may have questions with in regards to a ruling.

Scorekeeping training and tips

Detailed USAV scorekeeping clinic (8 MB PowerPoint presentation) - A step-by-step presentation on completing the various sections of the scoresheet. Requires Microsoft PowerPoint.