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On subsidizing a club
(Feb. 5, 2004) -- Question from Michiana Region: We had a parent meeting to see about 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in my area who wanted to play club volleyball. I had about 10 girls that would be interested in the 13 under division. After the meeting a parent who owns a business asked if he could make a flat donation to help lower the cost for everyone in the program. I told him that I would have to check to see if it would be in violation. His donation would allow the cost to drop from $200 to around $100-115. It sounds like a great idea but I was concerned it would be a violation. I was told to contact the IHSAA office for an answer. -- Chuck Stemm, Michiana Region commissioner

Answer from IHSAA: I consulted with our Commissioner, Blake Ress, regarding the issue. He indicated that this would be a violation, despite the fact that the donation would benefit the club rather than individual student athletes. The end result is that membership fees are being subsidized by an outside entity. IHSAA By-Laws state that fees must be provided by the student, parent, or guardian. If you have any additional questions, please contact our office. -- Sandy Searcy, IHSAA assistant commissioner

Four FAQs from IHSAA
Date: 13 January 2003
Subject: Rule Interpretations and Terminology from I.H.S.A.A.
To: Charles Stemm, Commissioner, MRVAI
From: Sandy Searcy, Assistant Commissioner, Indiana High School Athletic Association

Dear Commissioner Stemm:

Thank you for your inquiry concerning IHSAA participation rules as they relate to volleyball. Please allow me to answer your questions in the order they were asked:

1. Does the IHSAA rostered rule mean a total of 3 volleyball players on the same team for all practices, scrimmages, matches and tournaments for the entire season?

Yes, the IHSAA participation rule allows for only three student- athletes to be rostered on a non-school team at the same time. The rostered student-athletes must remain the same for all practices, scrimmages, matches and tournaments during league play. The roster may not change from match to match.

2. Could a 4th athlete not presently rostered as a player on that team be listed as a statistician, manager or other non-playing position?

A fourth athlete from the same school program could serve in a non- playing role. However, that individual may not substitute for an absent player, at any time (excluding injury).

3. Could a 4th athlete not presently rostered or listed on that team replace one of the original three members for just one match or tournament?

The roster must remain the same for league matches and tournaments. However, a tournament that is conducted outside the league may roster a different combination of three players from the same school.

4. If one of the original rostered athletes becomes injured and can no longer compete, can that person be replaced by another athlete not presently rostered with that team, keeping the total number at 3?

In the case of injury, a player may be replaced by a member of their school's team. However, the injured player may not rejoin the team at a later time during the season. As you are aware, the number of player's from the same school team must not exceed three.

I hope I have been able to clarify some of our IHSAA Participation Rules. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our office.

Sandy Searcy
Assistant Commissioner

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