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IHSAA rule on amateur status can affect junior club's standing with region

(Dec. 8, 2003) — It was brought our attention by Sandy Searcy, Assistant Commissioner of the Indiana High School Athletic Association that some junior clubs are offering scholarships to junior players in a manner which is in violation of the IHSAA Amateurism Rules of eligibility.

Please be advised that if your club is found guilty of this or any violation of the IHSAA, the Michiana Region Volleyball Association considers this a violation also and the penalties for the club involved may be severe. The IHSAA deals with the eligibility for all Indiana high school student-athletes.

Charles Stemm

IHSAA memo on amateurism:

To: Charles Stemm, Commissioner
Michiana Region Volleyball Association

From: Sandy Searcy, Assistant Commissioner
Indiana High School Athletic Association

Re: USA Volleyball and the IHSAA Amateurism Rule

Date: December 8, 2003

Our office has recently been made aware of several potential IHSAA By-Law violations pertaining to amateurism. We would ask that you disseminate this information to your coaches, so that future violations can be prevented.

Rule 5 - Amateurism
All contestants in sports recognized by the Association must be amateurs in the sport in which they wish to participate.

Students shall not play under assumed names nor accept remuneration, directly or indirectly, for athletic participation.

Reasonable meals, lodging and transportation may be accepted by a student if such are accepted in service rather than money or in some other material form.

High school student athletes may not receive a club scholarship in order to participate on a non-school team.

Rule 15 - Participation Rule
15-2.2 During the School Year Out of Season
Team Sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball)
 a. Students may participate in team sport contests as members of a non-school team provided no more than the following number of students who have participated in a contest the previous season as a member of one of their school teams in that sport are rostered on the same non-school team, at the same time.
Baseball - 5 Football - 6 Softball - 5
Basketball - 3 Soccer - 6 Volleyball - 3
The following standards also must be met:
  (1) Participation is limited to non-school time.
  (2) Fees, if charged, must be provided solely by the student, parent or guardian. No school or athletic funds shall be used for such when students of grades 9-12 are involved.
  (3) Participation shall be open to all students.
  (4) Merchandise and awards, other than those of symbolic value, may NOT be accepted for athletic proficiency. Student must remain an amateur.
 b. Students may not receive instruction from individuals who are members of their high school coaching staff.
 c. Coaches, from a member school coaching staff, may not instruct students who have participated in a contest as a member of their school’s team. (Exception: Coaches may instruct their sons or daughters.)
 d. Member schools may not organize, supervise or operate athletic practices.
 e. Member schools may not provide school-owned uniforms worn by the student in non-school contests.

USAV club fees must be provided solely by the student, parent, or guardian. No outside sources may donate fees for participation on a non-school team.

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