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Updated 16 November 2002

No more age waivers
A note from the commissioner
See also Item 35 in the Handbook

Subject: Registration Rules for 2003

It was announced at the annual board meeting in May and again at the fall juniors meetings that there will be no age waivers in the future. This puts our junior eligibility rules in line with just about all the rest of the country. Very few junior team or club representatives choose to attend the announced fall region junior meetings where changes are discussed for the coming season. In addition, last spring quite a few junior club directors and coaches who used age group waivers in the past received this information directly from this office.

The constant requested exceptions to the rule by junior team and club representatives are why the waiver policy was dropped. Since we instituted the policy some years ago there were quite a few requests to abuse it. If we only allowed two waivers per team, the team and club reps wanted 3 or 4. When we started allowing 3 waivers per team, they wanted 4 or 5 and even a request for an entire team. Neither USA Volleyball nor Michiana Region junior volleyball programs were ever intended to create a feeder system for a specific school system.

Charles A. Stemm, Commissioner
Michiana Region Volleyball Association Inc.
07 November 2002

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