Michiana Region referees, 2004

Michiana Region Volleyball Association Inc.
Region of USA Volleyball

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Updated 07 June 2004

Terry Sweasy, referee chair
812-579-5442 (phone)

Indiana officials

Name Email address Phone # Ranking
Baker, John [email protected] 317-219-0404 Regional
Berger, Brent [email protected] 260-471-4702 Provisional
Bird, Zack [email protected] 317-787-8463 Regional
Bledsoe, Barry [email protected] 317-346-6389 Regional
Boice, Kenneth [email protected] 260-485-6562 Provisional
Brake, Pam [email protected] 317-356-1463 Jr. National
Brant, Dan [email protected] 260-485-7453 Regional
Bulmahn, Eric [email protected] 317-336-1622 Regional
Burns, Carol [email protected] 765-342-7404 Regional
Burns, Danny [email protected] 765-342-7404 Regional
Butera, Jody [email protected] 317-781-0014 Provisional
Cassell, Cathy [email protected] 317-253-1162 Provisional
Cooper, John [email protected] 765-962-7313 Regional
Crandall, Terry [email protected] 260-637-1515 Provisional
Davidson, Tim [email protected] 812-372-6482 Provisional
Dezelan, Andrew [email protected] 317-462-3663 Provisional
Ferguson, Linda [email protected] 317-293-9752 Regional
Gillespie, David [email protected] 812-663-3697 Regional
Harris, Ken [email protected] 260-468-9218 Regional
Houser, Dan [email protected] 260-458-9971 National
Isaacs, Mark [email protected] 812-358-2702 Provisional
Jasinski, Janice [email protected] 574-654-3093 Provisional
Kennard, John [email protected] 812-597-0810 National
Killion, Robert [email protected] 317-251-7885 Regional
Kreger, Lewis [email protected] 260-627-6225 Regional
Low, Rhonda [email protected] 317-862-6261 Provisional
Lydick, Mike [email protected] 317-839-3648 Provisional
Merlau, John [email protected] 317-861-6250 Provisional
Michael, Robert [email protected] 260-745-4126 Regional
Miller, Terry [email protected] 574-258-0906 Jr. National
Mobareki, Kos [email protected] 317-209-8664 National
Mullins, Dan [email protected] 812-883-1845 National
Murry, Brian [email protected] 317-255-0883 Regional
Neal, David [email protected] 317-826-0502 Provisional
Parker, Jon [email protected] 260-352-2656 Provisional
Pettygrove, Mike [email protected] 317-844-2476 Provisional
Pollom, Thomas [email protected] 317-842-4239 Provisional
Rodewald, John [email protected] 260-486-8183 Regional
Reincke, Beverly [email protected] 260-485-4024 Provisional
Reincke, Randy [email protected] 260-485-4024 Provisional
Rodriguez, Rod [email protected] 574-862-7618 National
Ross, Donieta [email protected] 317-462-3520 Regional
Roth, Greg [email protected] 260-493-1990 National
Rubin, Garicke [email protected] 812-894-2942 Jr. National
Schmidt, William [email protected] 574-262-2826 Regional
Shiel, Jim [email protected] 317-251-1260 Provisional
Shoemaker, Marsha [email protected] 317-356-7556 Regional
Slaton, Mark [email protected] 317-787-8586 Regional
Stanley-Svaranowic, Robin [email protected] 317-346-0416 Provisional
Stimmel, Megan [email protected] 765-744-9851 Provisional
Svaranowic, George [email protected] 317-346-0416 Regional
Sweasy, Terry [email protected] 812-579-5442 National
Tease, Barbara [email protected] 317-770-7619 Provisional
Thornburgh, Bill [email protected] 317-722-9479 Jr. National
Thornburgh, Edward [email protected] 317-259-0273 Jr. National
Uhrig, Jim [email protected] 317-251-0831 Regional
Ulm, Scott [email protected] 317-632-3156 Provisional
Vuchenich, Milan [email protected] 574-848-1803 Provisional
Wester, David [email protected] 317-272-2258 Jr. National
Young, Victor [email protected] 812-526-6964 Regional

Michigan officials

Name E-mail Phone # Ranking
Burmaster, Steve [email protected] 616-676-2700 Provisional
Harris-Higgins, Sharon [email protected] 313-277-8803 Regional
Hines, Fusako [email protected] 586-778-0490 National
Kitchel, Dan [email protected] 517-372-2204 Jr. National
Langlands, Evie [email protected] 734-676-1725 Regional
Merrill, Gary [email protected] 989-895-5516 Regional
Mullin, Mike [email protected] 734-675-1075 Regional
Mutter, Ron [email protected] 248-740-9848 National
Nakamura, Owen [email protected] 248-852-6545 National
Near, Betty [email protected] 616-942-6596 Regional
Shaheen, Jay [email protected] 313-886-2208 Regional
Skinner, Jeanne [email protected] 616-677-1721 Regional
Vander Meer, David [email protected] 616-299-9612 Jr. National


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