Michiana Region Volleyball Association
Official Tournament Instruction Packet

   Dan Mullins, Tournament Director, Michiana Region of USA Volleyball
   434 S. Orchard Road, Salem IN 47167
   812-883-1845 (phone & fax); [email protected] (e-mail)
   All tournament directors in the Michiana Region of USA Volleyball

   This packet is designed to help you set up and run a tournament, which has been granted sanctioning through the Michiana Region of USA Volleyball. I have enclosed many items that should help you run a smooth, well-organized event.  Enclosed is your sanction form with the approval number. Remember the event report form is on the back. Do not deviate from any of the national or regional guidelines contained in this packet. Additional help may be obtained through the Tournament Guidelines section of the USAV rulebook.

A. General Information
   1. All tournament directors must be registered members of Michiana Region.
   2. All tournament directors must attend an official's clinic.
   3. The director of any Michiana sanctioned event now has the authority to register and will accept up to a maximum of three new adult individual player registrations per team, per tourney, provided that the proper paperwork (individual registration form and region dues) is complete at the time of the request. The tournament director will not supply any registration forms.  This applies only to individuals and does not give the authority to register new teams.
   The tournament director is then required to mail, within two business days after the tournament, those registration forms and monies which were collected to: The Michiana Region Volleyball Association Inc., 52428 Winding Waters Lane, Elkhart IN 46514-5725. Failure to forward these items within the two-day period will result in the tournament being ruled invalid, and the Region office recommending that the director be suspended from hosting future sanctioned events.
   4. All other team members must have current registration numbers prior to their play in a tournament.
   5. All participating teams must submit a roster on an USA Volleyball official entry form along with the appropriate entry fee.
   6. All Michiana play must have a current certified official as the 1st referee, including pool play. Juniors are also required to have certified 2nd referees and junior scorekeepers.
   7. Only the enclosed official forms are to be used for the tournament. This includes entry forms, scoresheets, and lineup sheets.
   8. Remember! The use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products is strictly prohibited at Michiana sanctioned events.
   9. Profane or language deemed offensive is not to be tolerated and tournament directors are to see that officials are sanctioning violations.
   10. Before a team participates on the day of a tournament, the tournament director must have the team rep verify their entry at check-in. They are to list only those participating individuals that will be present on the day of the tournament. Verification is complete when the team rep initials and dates the bottom of the entry form.
   11. Team reps must note their currently certified reffs and /or scorekeepers.

B. Time Guidelines
   1. Obtaining a tournament date should be done at least 30 days in advance of the tournament.
   2. Send tournament applications to team reps at least 21 days in advance of the tournament date.
   3. Entry deadline should be a minimum of 10 days ahead of the event.
   4. Send directions, tournament format, hotel information, etc. at least 7 days ahead of the tournament date.
   5. Within 10 days of the tournament's completion, submit $3 per competing team as a sanction fee, the completed USA Volleyball sanction and event report form, and all original team entry forms to the Michiana Region tournament director, Dan Mullins. Do not send any team entry forms without all USA volleyball registration numbers, with the exception of players that registered the day of the tournament. The Region will not supply missing individual player numbers to any tournament director. If there are missing numbers on an entry form, it means those individuals were not registered within the 10 day registered player time limit and are not legal players that day.  It is the team representatives obligation to supply membership numbers, not the tournament director or region office.  Send all required information to: Dan Mullins, Michiana Region Tournament Director, 434 S. Orchard Road, Salem IN 47167.
   6.   Be sure to complete the enclosed result information sheet and forward to Michiana Region webmaster Richard Sullivan within 10 days of the tournament's completion.

C. Preparation
   1. Inspect the playing facility. (Use the enclosed checksheet.)
   2. Prepare necessary paperwork.
       a. Have USAV/Michiana Region insurance claim forms at each site.
       b. USAV/Michiana Region scoresheets
       c. USAV/Michiana Region line-up sheets
   3. Make sure you have the necessary equipment to run the tournament. (Nets, standards, volleyballs, etc.)
   4. A court manager should be assigned for every 4 courts.
   5. Establish a protest committee.

D. Awards/Fees
   1. Entry fees should be commensurate with expenses incurred. Considerations would be:
       a. Referee costs
       b. Facility costs
       c. Awards
       d. Concession and merchandise sales
       e. Staff expenses.
   2. Minimum awards should include:
       a. 8 or more teams-1st and 2nd team and individual awards
       b. 5 to 7 teams-1st and 2nd team and 1st individual awards
       c. 4 or less teams-1st and 2nd team awards
       d. Awards for adults may include:
           -- Team-trophies or plaques
           -- Individuals-medals, plaques, T-shirts, or other merchandise.
       e. Awards for juniors may include:
           -- Team-trophies or plaques
           -- Individuals-medals, plaques, or trophies.

E. Tournament Types
   1. Pool play with a playoff
   2. Complete round-robin with no playoff

F. Scheduling Parameters
   1. All junior pool play and playoffs must be best 2 of 3 match play unless the division is Open play, which may be best 3 of 5. All adult pool play will be 2 games to 25 and playoffs will be best 2 of 3 match play. Non-deciding games are to 25 and deciding games are to 15. All games have no cap and must be won by a 2-point margin.
       a. Best 2 of 3 -- 1 hour, 5 minutes
       b. Best 3 of 5 -- 1 hour, 45 minutes
       c. 2 games only -- 1 hour.
   2. Warm-up for juniors will be 5-5-2 for all teams 1st matches, with subsequent matches 3-3-1.
   3. Warm-up for adults will be 4-4 for any match.
   (There will be no shared hitting in The Michiana Region)
   4. Clearly post forfeit procedures:
       a. 1st match-game time is forfeit time of 1st game. An additional 10 minutes would forfeit the match.
       b. Teams should be ready to play at the announced time when their match is sequentially ready to be played, regardless of time scheduled.

G. Round Robin Schedules

Four teams on one court:
2 vs. 4 (3)
1 vs. 3 (4)
2 vs. 3 (1)
1 vs. 4 (3)
3 vs. 4 (2)
1 vs. 2 (4)

Five teams on one court:
2 vs. 5 (3)
1 vs. 4 (2)
3 vs. 5 (1)
2 vs. 4 (5)
1 vs. 3 (4)
4 vs. 5 (1)
2 vs. 3 (4)
1 vs. 5 (2)
3 vs. 4 (5)
1 vs. 2 (3)

Six teams on two courts:

Court 1
4 vs. 6 (1)
1 vs. 6 (4)
1 vs. 4 (6)
4 vs. 5 (1)

Court 2
3 vs. 5 (2)
2 vs. 5 (3)
2 vs. 3 (5)
3 vs. 6 (2)

30-minute lunch break

1 vs. 5 (3)
1 vs. 3 (5)
3 vs. 4 (1)
1 vs. 2 (3)

2 vs. 6 (4)
2 vs 4 (6)
5 vs. 6 (2)

Seven teams on two courts:

Court 1
3 vs. 7 (6)
4 vs. 7 (5)
4 vs. 5 (7)
6 vs. 7 (4)
2 vs. 4 (7)

Court 2
2 vs. 5 (1)
1 vs. 6 (2)
2 vs. 3 (6)
1 vs. 3 (2)
1 vs. 5 (3)

30-minute lunch break

3 vs. 6 (4)
2 vs. 6 (3)
2 vs. 7 (6)
1 vs. 7 (3)
3 vs. 4 (7)
1 vs. 2 (4)

5 vs. 7 (1)
1 vs. 4 (5)
3 vs. 5 (1)
4 vs. 6 (5)
5 vs. 6 (2)

H. Method of Play
   1. Maximum of 5 teams per court
   2. Teams must receive a minimum of 4 matches per tournament or equivalent play
   3. Teams should be seeded into pool play and seeded from the pool for playoffs
   4. No finals are to be scheduled after 9:00 p.m.

I. General Guidelines for Determination of Playoff Positions if Tied
   (Only for deciding who plays in a playoff and not if both are going.)
   1. Pool match record
   2. Head to head results
   3. Game % (games won/total games played)
   4. Point % (points scored/points opponents scored)
   5. Coin Toss
   6. One-game playoff games to 25 are for deciding who goes to a championship or gold division and are not to be used for any other divisions.
   7. Additional tie-breaking procedures may be found on pages 92-95 in the USAV Rule Book.

J. Warm-up Procedures
   1. For juniors' 1st matches, teams will have the entire court separately for 5 minutes each and then will serve together for 2 minutes. Subsequent matches will be 3-3-1. Each team having the entire court separately for 4 minutes each will precede all adult matches.
   2. There will be no shared hitting at any Michiana sanctioned event.
   3. The team to serve first will have the court first.

K. Duties of Court Managers
   1. Tournament directors should explain the duties to all court managers as they are listed on page 96 in the USAV Rule Book.

L. Assignment of Referees
   1. All tournament directors must make sure that only certified officials are working Michiana matches.
       a. Check with referee chair, Terry Sweasy (phone 812-579-5442 or e-mail [email protected]) for current list of certified officials.
       b. All teams must have on file a $100 officiating deposit with the Region. If a team fails to meet its officiating assignments, the tournament director will find replacements. These individuals will be issued a check by the referee chair once he is notified of the replacement officials. The deposit will be refunded at the conclusion of the season if all officiating assignments have been met.

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