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Minutes of the April 4, 2008 Board of Directors Meeting

Attendees:  Dale Wedel, Marianne Orr, Dan Mullins, Terry Sweasy, Joan Stemm, Mitch Stemm, Rod Rodriguez, and Chuck Stemm

President/Commissioner Chuck Stemm called the meeting to order at 7:05pm at the Holiday Inn Select at the Airport in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Chuck Stemm presented the minutes of the August 18, 2007 BOD and Open Meeting.  Dan Mullins motioned to accept the minutes.  Terry Sweasy seconded the motion and the motion was so moved.

Chuck Stemm presented the treasurers report.  The checkbook amount at the end of the year was $91, 520.60.  Our net income was -$7,590.47.  The CPA is going over the books currently.  It was asked of him if he had received any feedback for decreasing membership and team fees by $5 across the board and he has not received any feedback at all.  Terry Sweasy motioned to accept the treasurer’s report, Rod Rodriguez seconded the motion and it was so moved.

Chuck Stemm presented the membership report.  Currently we have 7970 members as of March 1st

Tournament Director Dan Mullins brought up the fact that he really enjoys the new website and the ease of use and getting new info on the site.  He wants to take a look at the number of tournaments that we are having and the cost of each.  Paperwork has been coming in on time and complete and that is appreciated.  We need to look at dates for spring breaks for area high schools before we set the dates for adult regionals.  We will try to have our fall meetings on Aug. 1st  thru the 3rd  to avoid conflicts for high school coaches to be at our meetings. 

Referee Chair Terry Sweasy reported that he had 14 new officials.  He had one rating session at TI this past year and may add another rating session next season.  He also mentioned that he really enjoys the new website for its ease of use. 

Scorekeeping Chair Rod Rodriguez announced that there are no new changes to the score sheets, that background screenings will not be required still and unless the National level requires it we won’t require it in the future. 

New Business

USAV reorganization-nobody still knows what will happen for sure.  There may be possible CAP I certification required and there may still be a $10 increase across the board. 

Chuck Stemm gave a report about the possibility of the Women’s National Team Program moving to Indianapolis.   The information with a deadline to submit a bid were sent out first to the wrong people and did not give Indianapolis hardly enough time to consider it.  The Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau scolded the National office for giving them such short notice and not allowing them enough time to possibly put a bid package together.

The body voted to keep male junior players membership fee at $0 to encourage growth in this area. 

There was discussion on adult regional entries and U.S. Open Funding Proposals.  It was the general consent that if a team enters to play at Regionals (whether they have enough teams to actually play or not) that they would receive at least some sort of help with their Open Tournament Registration Fee from the Region office.

Terry Sweasy mentioned that Byron Shewman of the Starlings Program would like to keep getting diversity in the officiating also.  Any one wanting to help is encouraged to get in touch with Terry or Byron.  Their Nationals are in June in San Diego. 


On membership applications and entry forms DO NOT USE nicknames.

All of the following will be discussed at National level meeting in May and then Chuck will report to us what the final decisions will be at our August meetings if not before:

All coaches that are intending to coach at USAV Qualifiers and the JO’s will at minimum, be CAP I Certified for next season.

All presently registered junior coaches in Hoosier Region will have at minimum attended a USAV IMPACT Certification Clinic or take the new USAV WEBINAR IMPACT Certification by the start of the 2009 season.  Any new junior coach who registers for the first time has one year in which to complete this requirement.

Any currently registered junior coach who intends to coach at our Junior Bid Regionals, any USAV Qualifiers or the Junior Olympics will at minimum be, IMPACT Certified.

USAV is still pushing for the requirement that all coaches intending to coach at the JO’s will at minimum be CAP I Certified starting next season. 

Old Business

No old business to report.

Terry Sweasy motioned to adjourn the meeting.  It was seconded by Dan Mullins and the motion was so moved.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Marianne Orr

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