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Club bid allocations for national junior tourneys

A note from Mike Chandler, managing director of events for USA Volleyball:
    The spreadsheet below contains the 2002 club bid allocations for the Girls JOVC and the Girl's JO Invitational. Michiana receives three bids for each age classification of 14 thru 18 & under in the club divisions.

2002 JOVC girls bids
(Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, 63KB)

    Regions only gain access to the club divisions. The only access to the open divisions is through the national qualifiers, which applies to the "at-large" selection process as well. Only teams that have participated at a national qualifier and placed are up for consideration for the open "at-large" bids if any are available.
    Reminder: The Junior Olympic Invitational was established to accommodate those teams not earning a bid for the JOVC through your region process. To be eligible for the Invitational, a team must meet the same entry criteria as the JOVC.
    Entry fees for the JOVC have been raised to $900 for 13s through 18s and $700 for the 12s.
    Entry fees for the Invitational are set at last year's JOVC entry fees ($800 for 13s through 18s and $600 for the 12s). The $100 difference will be refunded to the teams that attend the Invitational.
    As always, checks will be held until the team qualifies. Once the team has qualified, the check will be deposited. A check must accompany each entry form; checks written for multiple teams within the club will not be accepted. If your region pays for the entry fee, one check per entry form is still required.
    Regions control the entry process into the Invitational. Your region must notify the USAV Events Department that your team has been assigned to the Invitational.
    Allocation for the girls events will proceed as follows:

April 24 — Deadline for all entries (no additional entry deadline as in the past for club teams)

April 29 — Open at-large selections begin

May 4-5 — Last weekend for region bid events

May 6 — JOVC club reallocation begins

At the conclusion of the JOVC bid reallocations, the Invitational bids will be finalized.

    All entries must be collected by the region office or designee before forwarding to the USAV Events Department. This is a change in procedure and one we hope will eliminate those clubs deemed ineligible due to a clerical or partial entry error.
    We are hoping with your help we will receive entries that are complete and accurate. This should assure that a team's eligibility is not denied because of a simple mistake or neglect in finishing the process.

Mike Chandler
Managing Director, Events
USA Volleyball
715 S. Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
PH: 719.228.6800
FAX: 719.228.6899
[email protected]



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