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All forms for the Hoosier Region VolleyballAssociation are available in this section.
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The following form is the same for adults and juniors:

2010 Hoosier Region Team INFORMATION Form.doc

Insurance Claim Forms

For every medical claim filed or possible liability situation there must be an Incident Form filed. The forms are to be mailed to the entity at the address that is shown on each of these forms.

2010 Incident Report.pdf
2010 Medical Claim Form.pdf

Certificate of Insurance Request Form

Attached is the Club Request to order new Certificates of Insurance. It is a PDF form fill that can be completed online and printed out. You may send the form to the Region Office electronically or fax a clear readable copy. However the original must be mailed to the Region Office the same date the form is transmitted here because we require an original signature on the form.

2010 Certificate of Insurance Request.pdf


Adult players typically join the Hoosier Region via one of our sanctioned adult teams. The adult team representative will gather all the fees and send them to the region office, along with a team information form and a single check for the entire amount due. Unaffiliated adults such as referees and region officers can join by sending their fee directly to the region office with a note what the fee is paying for. If you are an adult who is affiliated with a junior club, you must join the Hoosier Region through your junior club.


If you are a junior player, you must join the Hoosier Region via one of our sanctioned junior clubs. For details, contact a club you are interested in joining. Typically, a club will include your Hoosier Region member registration fee as part of its club fee. Both the junior player and a parent/guardian are required to sign the Hoosier Region individual registration form.

If you are an adult who is affiliated with a junior club (club director, coach, chaperone, etc.), you must join the Hoosier Region through your junior club. See your club director for details. Also, all adults who work directly with juniors in the Hoosier Region must undergo USAV-required background screening. See the Region Handbook for full details on background screening. Here is is a link to the company that does the Hoosier Region and USA Volleyball background screening: It has information as to who they are, what they do and the privacy policy.

Forms for use by juniors and junior programs:

See the "Details on the most common forms" section of the handbook for explanations of the following forms and their uses.

2010 Player Medical Release ClubTeam WITHOUT Notary.pdf
2010 USAV-RVA Jr Club Code of Ethics - Revised FINAL rev.docx
Hoosier Region Age and Identity Falsification Policy
Hoosier Region Mandatory Background Screening Overview
Region Background Screening Policy
Hoosier Region Background Screening Processing Procedure
2010 Age Classification.pdf
2010 Age Classification Chart-ONLY.pdf

Forms for internal use by junior programs

These three USAV forms are to be retained by the club director. Do not send these with your required membership forms.

Chaperone responsibilities form - Explains the expectations and duties of a registered chaperone.
Volunteer consent form - Explains the expectations and limitations of doing volunteer work.
Volunteer waiver and release form - For volunteers 18 years of age or older. Covers the possible hazards and problems of doing volunteer work and includes a “Medical authorization” section in case of injury.

Note regarding tryouts

It has been brought to our attention that some junior clubs have not been complying with Hoosier Region rules regarding tryouts for junior players.

At every tryout, a player must have his or her Hoosier Region online Membership Confirmation page and the Medical Information and Release form, before being allowed to participate in any tryout ,along with the region membership fee, will be handed to the person in charge of running that tryout; it may be paid along with the specified tryout fee or separately. This is in addition to any team or club forms that may be used or club tryout fees charged, if any.

When a player is selected to remain with the club which that player has tried out for and that player's parent/guardian agrees with that selection, the region membership fee will be retained by that club and forwarded to the region office along with the membership application.

Players will be allowed to attend multiple tryouts where they will be required to complete and present a 2009-10 Hoosier Region individual membership Comfirmation page and Medical Information and Release form that will be collected before each tryout. The region individual membership fee is paid only one time per season.

Example: Player A attends her first tryout with club ABC, completes an application, and pays the region membership fee. Player A then attends a second tryout with club XYZ and hands in the completed application but no membership fee. Player A then decides to go with the club XYZ. Club ABC will refund the region fee directly to the player or her parent/guardian or to club XYZ.

Tournament directors

Official tournament instruction packet, 2009-10 season.
Letter to tournament directors from Dan Mullins, the Hoosier Region's tournament chairman
Tournament directives.
Event sanction application.
Facility rental checklist
Tournament results report - example for tournament directors.

Referees and scorekeepers

More resources for referees and scorekeepers are available in the "Officiating" section of the website.

Scoresheet,non-deciding single set.
Scoresheet, non-deciding two sets.
Scoresheet, deciding set.
Lineup sheet.
Libero tracking sheet.

Scoresheets with blank headers are also available, contact Rod Rodriguez.

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