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See also original advisory from USA Volleyball

Colorado Springs, Colo., Nov. 16, 2001 — USA Volleyball continues to receive inquiries regarding an organization calling itself USA Junior Nationals headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin. We are updating our advisory and adding the following information. Please feel free to distribute any of the information listed below.

According to Keith Noll, President of the Wisconsin Amateur Athletic Union, this organization is not registered with the state of Wisconsin. The organization has previously been involved in recruiting high school basketball players for tryouts for placement on an elite team. It was also implied that college coaches would be in attendance and scouting the athletes. NCAA Division I and II colleges could not attend this "tryout" because the NCAA did not certify it.

If you are contacted by anyone or know of anyone who has registered with this organization and paid them, thinking they were conducting a USA Volleyball tryout or event, please instruct them to take the following action:

  1.      Contact the offices of USA Junior Nationals and request a refund of your registration fee. Should they refuse or attempt to utilize a stalling tactic, advise them that you will be filing a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency of the state of Wisconsin as well as with the consumer affairs division in the state in which the tryout/event is scheduled to be held.
  2.      Lodge a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency of Wisconsin. A complaint can be registered online at the following website: http://datcp.state.wi.us/cp/consumerinfo/cons-protection/complaint-form/cp_complaint_form.html
         You may also contact them by writing to: Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Consumer Information Center, P.O. Box 8911, Madison, WI 53708-8911.
         Be sure to include information to document your complaints such as the solicitation letter or flier and an acceptance letter, if applicable, after payment was received. Also note dates, times and names of any contact you had with this organization such as telephone conversations.
         Also be advised that the Wisconsin Consumer Protection Agency will only document complaints made in writing. Telephone calls are not documented. Correspondence via email is considered written and will also be documented.
  3.     Contact the Consumer Protection Agency in the state where you reside and in the state where the tryout/event is scheduled to take place if in another state. This agency is usually a division of the state's Attorney General's Office. The telephone number can be found in the government pages section of your telephone book. Again, lodge a written complaint.

Anyone having more specific data in regards to filing a complaint is asked to contact USA Volleyball and pass along this information so we can advise others of the appropriate action(s) required and authorities with jurisdiction over such matters.
Please alert others to this situation especially the local high schools and state high school sports associations. Hopefully by educating everyone involved to this situation we can end the confusion regarding this organization and USA Volleyball.

For more information, contact:
USA Volleyball
715 S. Circle Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
(719) 228-6800
(719) 228-6899 - Fax
[email protected]



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