Board, Officers, and Directors

/Board, Officers, and Directors
Board, Officers, and Directors 2017-12-07T15:46:04+00:00

Mitchell Stemm, President/Commissioner/Junior Program Coordinator
Phone: (574) 370-9627

Charles Stemm, Vice President/Treasurer
Phone: (574) 262-9211 (Region office)

Joan L. Stemm, Registrar
Phone: (574) 262-9211 (Region office)

Robert Michael, Director at Large

Dave Berghoff, Male Adult Player Representative

Terry Sweasy, Director at Large
Phone: (812) 350-9990

Jim Daugherty, Director At Large

Rod Rodriguez, Director at Large
Phone: (574) 261-5207

9th Board position is currently vacant due to the recent retirement of Marianne Orr